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Operating System

OS 1.32

OS 1.32.4 – Fixed a problem with initialization of the gain reduction feature of the cymbals and the hihat. After setting the gain reduction and saving the change it was not set correctly after a restart. This is now fixed in the version.

OS 1.34.10
* If a Hihat Calibration is performed the new calibration can now be saved in the UNIT file (Press UNIT-SAVE?).
* Fixed the issue with hihat opening value on kit change – now the opening value remains the same as stored in a KIT.
* Added auto-set of decay value to “INF” in case a loop sound is selected for a channel.
* Cymbal choke is now active when a “HOLD” value is activated.
* A Crosstalk ( XTLK ) feature is added for Tom and Snare Channels to minimize crosstalk between Head and Rim.

OS 1.36.10

OS 1.36.30 – Between 1.36.10 and 1.36.30 we corrected a display bug, so correct DrumIt module is now displayed at start up.
Fixed also an issue with hihat type (HTYP) on the Hihat calibration page. After restart the choosen HTYP is correctly shown in the display but it hasn’t been correctly initialized in the system. This is now corrected.

All OS Versions work with all DrumIt Hardwares. Please note that there are product limitations between different hardwares.


In case you need your 2BOX product to be fixed by a professional please contact your Distributor or Dealer!

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