Editor Software

Creating ready-to-play 2BOX sounds is easy with our intuitive editor software: any WAV file can be converted to the innovative 2BOX format.
A free download, the editor software is available for both PC and Mac. Have fun creating professional sounds for an outstanding performance!

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  • MULTI-ZONES: Creating multi-zones sounds is now supported.
  • LOOPS: Making a loop is now supported.
  • WIZZARD: Hihat wizard to simplify the process when creating hihat sounds.


  • BROWSER: Files in the browser (Kit and Sound mode) can be refreshed via the refresh button.
  • MEMORY: Improved memory usage and overall performance.

Kit Editor

  • KIT SELECTION: Kit selection can be changed by using Arrow-Up and Arrow-Down
  • COPY & RENAME: In “Copy / Rename” – dialog, kits can be copied, moved and swapped
  • EXPORT SINGLE KIT: A selected kit could be exported as single kit using File > Export Single Kit (CTRL + E)
  • IMPORT SINGLE KIT: A single kit can be imported via File > Import Single Kit (CTRL + I) at a certain position in a kit bank.
    A kit bank can be saved under a different name via File > Save Kit Bank As (CTRL + SHIFT + S)
  • SUGGESTED NAME: When exporting a single kit, the program will suggest a file name, based on the name in the kit bank.

Sound Editor

  • SAVE AS LOOP: A single sound file, dragged and dropped into the graph area, can be chosen to be saved as a Loop sound file by ticking the Loop Sound box at Properties.
  • MULTI ZONE SOUNDS: Multi-zone sounds can now be created.
    • Kick, Percussion, Loop (1 Zone)
    • Snare, Tom (2 Zones)
    • Cymbal (3 Zones)
    • Hihat (up to 16 types)
  • HIHAT WIZARD: A Hihat set-up wizard for types is available to help configure a hihat based on the requirements of the user.
    Types could be changed via a selection box for each zone.
  • ZONE NAMES: The name of a zone can be changed by double clicking the title of the zone.
    Sounds can be saved under a different name using File > Save Sound As (CTRL + SHIFT + S)
  • SUGGESTED NAME: When saving a sound, the application will suggest a name for the DSND file, based on the dropped wave files.



  • DOWNLOAD: Download the needed file for your system and unzip it.
  • INSTALLATION: Start the installation as usual.
  • CONNECT DEVICE: Connect the DrumIt Module unit to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Boot up the Unit in USB mode by holding down the left button above the LCD at startup.
  • CHOSE DRUMIT.DKIT FILE: At start up the Editor will be looking for a drumit.dkit file. (The .dkit file holds all the DrumIt Module settings.)
    Navigate to the DrumIt Module drive and choose the drumit.dkit file in the top level folder.