2BOX DrumIt Five MKII

Now shipping: DrumIt Five MKII

Long awaited, now available: our brand-new flagship module “DrumIt Five MKII”. Back in 2010 we launched our first electronic drum module, the groundbreaking DrumIt Five “Brain”. It provided drummers with an ultra-realistic feel thanks to its spectacular factory sounds and their outstanding dynamics.

And now we proudly present the “DrumIt Five MKII” module, which is compatible with all common pads and trigger technologies, and offers 32 GB of finest 24-bit PCM sounds, produced in professional recording studios with elaborate miking and at countless volume layers.

The pre-installed SD card contains 75 fully editable preset kits plus 25 empty presets for your own creations. The rugged module weighs a whopping 2 kilograms, and is compatible with all common pads and trigger technologies. The “DrumIt Five MKII” supports 3-zone snares as well as 3-zone cymbals, and allows users to control functions such as “Kit up/down”, “Tap Tempo” and “Start/Stop” with trigger signals.
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